Monday, September 26, 2011

My Senegal Parrot Syd in the Now

Senegal Parrot Syd really Knows how to be in the Now

Animals are pretty amazing if you watch them, you can learn from them in some ways how to live in the Now, the present moment is all we have really.
Syd loves to play in tunnels, even if I have wider jeans on, he will try and put his head underneath, so here in the picture above he is going in to one of my boots. Clever really, it was a bit of a chilly day, getting warm I guess.

Syd my Senegal Parrot in the Now with some more shoes

All my trainers shoelaces have been chewed, he gives them all this funky look, even the metal eyes get a bit bent, do I get upset. I have to admit sometimes, but I am learning that this is just "what is", he is playing.

Now The Mirror and My Senegal Parrot Syd

He loves mirrors now, especially this one the mosaic one I made with some sacred geometry shapes, it has all opalescent tiles on. Syd has a whole conversation going on with the mirror, probably thinks its another bird there, but he is clever he will do something to make sure, like throw something over his head. In this picture he is sleepy, just sitting there being in the moment - NOW.

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