Thursday, November 24, 2011

Syd my precious Senegal Parrot

Syddie oh precious boy

Poor Syddie, he has had 10 days of having to share a room with me, I work at night, and so I need the light on, I did try and hang a sarong over the light. I also wake up very early, to do meditation and exercise. Well all I can say Syddie has not been getting his 13 hours sleep, which also makes him a bit cranky. You can hear him shuffling about, or he makes a noise of some kind.

Syd my Senegal Parrot is feeling better

Well he has had 2 good nights sleep now and he is feeling wonderful, waking up in better humor, full of beans, quite rested, jumping on his swing first thing in the morning. Amazing if you think how messing up his routine can affect him, I guess the whole world is surrounded with routines of some kind or other. He has at times not even wanted to play just sitting sleeping in front of his little mirror, listening to music, poor little boy.

So hopefully Syd is all happy now

He is so happy to have his own room back, precious 13 hours sleep, no lights to disturb him, phones ringing, oh so peaceful. All that beauty sleep, never realized it was so oh precious.