Thursday, August 25, 2011

Syd, my Senegal Parrot posing angelically

Syd - Senegal Parrot posing

Syd my Senegal Parrot looks so angelic in this pictures, but don't believe this, he can't stand this thing. He absolutely does not like anything that is big, scares him. He was messing around near my laptop, so I got hold of this thing trying to get him away and somehow he got on it. It takes a while for him to get used to most things from toys to new items around him. He is a bit skittish even when a bird flies passed the window or past the open door.

My Senegal Syd

Syddie has still got the guava cravings, he had several pieces today, I really got to make sure he does not get too much. He has probably got a bit of a tummy ache tonight. Amazing that he loves guavas so much, before he loved the tomatoes from the garden, but this year they are not growing so nice. Took him for a little drive again trying to get him used to the car more as he is due for his 6 monthly vet visit or his doctor doctor, otherwise he just sees the car as a scary thing.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Syd, my Senegal Parrot eating guavas

My Senegal Parrot Syd, eating as they do

I caught Syd in the act of standing on the plate, he has started taking a liking to eating off an actual plate. He probably sees us doing that, so he wants to as well, simply climbing on it to make life a bit easier I guess.

He was pretty into eating his guava, he absolutely has a craving for guavas, you can hear him crunching on the pips. I will have to buy the tinned variety at the end of the season. I already have to get him black grapes that are imported from Eqypt as it is not grape season here.

Syd, Senegal Parrot, day life

Syd was having a bad day to today, I think he got a bit dehydrated, it was a warm day. I gave him some fruit and even sprayed his beak with some water, some went in his mouth. After that he was fine I took him for a drive in the car to the nearby park to get him out for a change of scenery. He was in a great mood afterwards, whistling and all, I guess parrots are like us sometimes we just need a change of scenery.