Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Syd the Senegal Parrot

Syd, Senegal Parrot

I am Syd, I am beautiful, I am magnificent, I am gorgeous, I am Clever. Yes this is my ego talking but I really am these things.

Senegal Parrot, my life Syd

I wake up in the morning, then I get my favorite berry juice, then later I get rusk dipped in coffee, yes I know I am not allowed this, but what the heck once a day wont kill me. I get my normal veggies and I have my moms cereal with sesame seeds in it has to be the unshelled variety. I have cereals before the rusk dipped in coffee, so quite healthy really, my other food is some sunflowers, yes not so much, i mainly eat my walnuts and wholenuts and love to crunch on monkey nuts.

Syddie, me the Senegal Parrot and family member

Yes Sunday the house gets invaded with the rest of the family, Ethan who is 7 years old we watch the cartoon network together. I must confess he can be a bit rude, sometimes he kind of ignores me, it is so easy to acknowledge me, what can I say children of today. Then my aunty Jenny who wants to feed me, I do like her, but don't want her to do things to me, Andrew I am quite fond of he has a kind heart, Brigette as well. But it gets awfully noisy so it is nice and peaceful when they all go and peace abounds then. Oh well this is the life of a Senegal Parrot, sleeping for me is 13 hours a night, sometimes I have a room mate Brigette.

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