Monday, March 19, 2012

In Syd Senegal Parrots words

In Syddie’s words, Senegal Parrot

I had to go to my doctor (vet) for my 6 months visit, not really my favorite. I love the drive there I whistle, love to see the scenery.
As my mom walked in with me my doctor says out loud of the “monster” is here, what is that about. I was not impressed; my mom said out loud I am beautiful, she said the aunty was saying it in an affectionate manner, right.

Dr calling me Syd a "monster"me a Senegal Parrot

Then to crown it she suggested to my mom to go for coffee she would be 20 minutes or so, my mom was thrown a bit she has come in with me for over 6 years now. I like to see my mom there I screamed blue murder I took on a persona of a macaw, the doctor and the assistants ears were buzzing. She said they needed mufflers and next time maybe to give me gas, right. I won’t bore you with all the nitty gritty things but not really too impressed. I shot out of my travel box on getting home, I was extremely quiet felt quite hurt that my mom had left me. I am still unsteady on my feet due to my nails done with a grinder, down quite a bit and my beak, have to eat sideways, can’t hold my food. I also don’t smell so attractive what with the vitamin b injection and the de-worming stuff on me.

Syd Senegal Parrot bath after visit

So I decided to have a bath, which was not such a hot idea, with my feet being tender, so I have been feeling under the weather, it is taking a bit of time to recover this time round. To see a bit more about me the adorable Senegal Parrot click here.