Saturday, November 7, 2015

Syddie's new bag Pak-O-Bird

Getting used to his new Pak-O-Bird, loads of fun, lots of walks, outings.
See Syddie on Pet-Fairy Facebook Page. This is where I got the Pak-O-Bird from in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Syd in his world my beloved Senegal Parrot

Syd-Senegal Parrot now

Syd, my Senegal Parrot is 8 years old now, quite the independent boy now he decides what he wants to eat and when. So clever he makes his own decisions, bless him, trying to teach me something that is quite important, I need to make my own decisions. He has taught me notes to whistle, quite a good little teacher, you learn so much from animals in general. We have these squirrels coming around our place, Syddie gets a bit annoyed that they eat is nuts, monkey nuts. Today the door was open the one squirrel came in, he is our regular, it was raining so he was a bit bedraggled, if Syddie does not let out a wolf whistle. Then he picks up a monkey nut to show him that he actually eats them himself. Syddie love Sarah Brightman's music Greatest Hits 2000 (it is from all the musicals) it almost sends him into a meditative state, he will stop what his doing and simply LISTEN, we need to do that as well in life, if we only listened we will be amazed at what we actually hear. He loves The Phantom of the Opera, Who wants to live forever. The Very Best of Sarah Brightman: 1990-2000

Rainy, autumn day in Cape Town with Syd Senegal Parrot

Today Syddie is cold, its raining out, he has blankets over his cage, but I tried to get him to come out, no he was quite happy in his own cage (his house). Talking about squirrels, learning from animals we have another one that must be related to the regular, so one day I could not understand why he could not see the nut. I realized he was blind, so you had to say something and he would smell it. Now we have a third one that has one eye closed, the bushy tail cut in half, strange, must have had an accident. They use all there other senses to find there way around but are just as agile to a certain extent. We also have a wild bird that was hurt that I have fed over the last month, I keep trying to get him to eat with the other wild birds but it is almost like they have rejected him. They really do need to blend in with the other animals, maybe there is a lesson for me as well, you need to do things in a balanced way. You can serve others but you need to look after yourself as well and you need to mix with others as well.

Syd Senegal Parrot's wishlist:

A playpen (so I don't stalk people on the floor) Playcage ( a big one for out time in) A little friend in the garden for daytime playing.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pretty Boy Syddie my Senegal Parrot

So pretty my Senegal Parrot

Is he not so adorable, he is 8 years old now, January was his 8th birthday, still looking good. Getting so precious, he has definitely got a mind of his own, knows what he wants to eat. Tells me he wants to sleep he says "sleeping" so cute. He is so precious, animals teach you so much, just watching them be in the moment "now" be it eating whatever they do. Little angel my Senegal Parrot Syddie.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Syd My Senegal Parrot and my Boots

Syd My Senegal Parrot and my warm boots

Well I will let you look at the pictures,he gets quite annoyed if I actually wear these boots, he considers it his. Syddie will clamber all over me if I have them on, and try to get in still.

Is he not too gorgeous Syd My Senegal Parrot with these boots

He is so precious, clever, adorable.....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Images of Syd my Senegal Parrot

Syddie with guava on his chin

Syddie eating his guava

He just loves guavas, fresh or tinned versions, I first thought it was the pips he fancied but he eats it all. Please let me know if the pips are not good for him, I know he can't eat apple pips.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Syddie my Cute Senegal Parrot

Such a cutie pie is Syddie my Senegal Parrot

Syddie my Senegal Parrot is so cute these days, he gets me to scratch his beak then he holds my finger tightly with all his. It is Syddie’s way of showing love and affection, Gratitude. Amazing animals naturally living in the Now, this is one of the Laws of Giving and Receiving, I wish sometimes we humans were the same.

Senegal Parrot Syddie in the Now

I learn so much from my Senegal Parrot Syddie; he really knows how to be in the moment. Be it having his bath, eating a grape or his beloved guavas, he still never tires of guavas. I am not so sure about the guava pips if anyone knows they are not good for parrots please let me know.

Habitual ways Syddie my Senegal Parrot

I am sitting in the winter sun well it is 23 Celsius, Syddie is having his bath, I just love to watch this little ritual, just brings awareness into the moment. The little feet go splash splash one at a time. The head goes in then he flattens himself for his chest. I did buy him a big bath, but no he uses his drinking bowl of course. Habits, I guess parrots have the same habitual ways as us humans. More on Syddie My Senegal Parrot

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Syddie My Senegal Parrot Classical Music

Syddie Classical Music

Syddie is supposedly snoozing in front of his beloved mirror while I work on the computer. I am playing classical music, Beethoven Piano Concerto No 5; one of his eyes opens as the crescendo raises, then stillness, and piano playing away. Amazingly one eye is closed while the other is open. He likes Mozart as well, just as the music rises so he comes back to consciousness.

Syddie and other types of Classical Music

Today we are listening to Echoes of Nature the Rainforest, Syddie was going to sleep but the minute the music starts he is awareness itself. He is really intrigued with all the birdie sounds of nature, not so much the water sounds more all the birdie noises and insects. He actually comes to the end of the desk trying to listen more intently so I turned it up more.

See Syddie on his basket listening to music

He loves this basket of his, chomping on his monkey nut with more classical music on.