Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Syd My Senegal Parrot and my Boots

Syd My Senegal Parrot and my warm boots

Well I will let you look at the pictures,he gets quite annoyed if I actually wear these boots, he considers it his. Syddie will clamber all over me if I have them on, and try to get in still.

Is he not too gorgeous Syd My Senegal Parrot with these boots

He is so precious, clever, adorable.....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Images of Syd my Senegal Parrot

Syddie with guava on his chin

Syddie eating his guava

He just loves guavas, fresh or tinned versions, I first thought it was the pips he fancied but he eats it all. Please let me know if the pips are not good for him, I know he can't eat apple pips.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Syddie my Cute Senegal Parrot

Such a cutie pie is Syddie my Senegal Parrot

Syddie my Senegal Parrot is so cute these days, he gets me to scratch his beak then he holds my finger tightly with all his. It is Syddie’s way of showing love and affection, Gratitude. Amazing animals naturally living in the Now, this is one of the Laws of Giving and Receiving, I wish sometimes we humans were the same.

Senegal Parrot Syddie in the Now

I learn so much from my Senegal Parrot Syddie; he really knows how to be in the moment. Be it having his bath, eating a grape or his beloved guavas, he still never tires of guavas. I am not so sure about the guava pips if anyone knows they are not good for parrots please let me know.

Habitual ways Syddie my Senegal Parrot

I am sitting in the winter sun well it is 23 Celsius, Syddie is having his bath, I just love to watch this little ritual, just brings awareness into the moment. The little feet go splash splash one at a time. The head goes in then he flattens himself for his chest. I did buy him a big bath, but no he uses his drinking bowl of course. Habits, I guess parrots have the same habitual ways as us humans. More on Syddie My Senegal Parrot

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Syddie My Senegal Parrot Classical Music

Syddie Classical Music

Syddie is supposedly snoozing in front of his beloved mirror while I work on the computer. I am playing classical music, Beethoven Piano Concerto No 5; one of his eyes opens as the crescendo raises, then stillness, and piano playing away. Amazingly one eye is closed while the other is open. He likes Mozart as well, just as the music rises so he comes back to consciousness.

Syddie and other types of Classical Music

Today we are listening to Echoes of Nature the Rainforest, Syddie was going to sleep but the minute the music starts he is awareness itself. He is really intrigued with all the birdie sounds of nature, not so much the water sounds more all the birdie noises and insects. He actually comes to the end of the desk trying to listen more intently so I turned it up more.

See Syddie on his basket listening to music

He loves this basket of his, chomping on his monkey nut with more classical music on.

Monday, March 19, 2012

In Syd Senegal Parrots words

In Syddie’s words, Senegal Parrot

I had to go to my doctor (vet) for my 6 months visit, not really my favorite. I love the drive there I whistle, love to see the scenery.
As my mom walked in with me my doctor says out loud of the “monster” is here, what is that about. I was not impressed; my mom said out loud I am beautiful, she said the aunty was saying it in an affectionate manner, right.

Dr calling me Syd a "monster"me a Senegal Parrot

Then to crown it she suggested to my mom to go for coffee she would be 20 minutes or so, my mom was thrown a bit she has come in with me for over 6 years now. I like to see my mom there I screamed blue murder I took on a persona of a macaw, the doctor and the assistants ears were buzzing. She said they needed mufflers and next time maybe to give me gas, right. I won’t bore you with all the nitty gritty things but not really too impressed. I shot out of my travel box on getting home, I was extremely quiet felt quite hurt that my mom had left me. I am still unsteady on my feet due to my nails done with a grinder, down quite a bit and my beak, have to eat sideways, can’t hold my food. I also don’t smell so attractive what with the vitamin b injection and the de-worming stuff on me.

Syd Senegal Parrot bath after visit

So I decided to have a bath, which was not such a hot idea, with my feet being tender, so I have been feeling under the weather, it is taking a bit of time to recover this time round. To see a bit more about me the adorable Senegal Parrot click here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Syd Senegal Parrot Kipling Bag

Syd my Senegal Parrot Kipling Bag

I have noticed recently that Syd my Senegal Parrot seems to be attracted to my Kipling Bag. He first chomped off the monkey’s thumb, I thought nothing of it, now when I come home and I put the bag on the chair, somehow he manages to get onto it. He propels himself onto the open bag. I am not sure if it is because he knows when I go out I have the bag with me or he wants to come with in the bag. Bless his little head, his so cute, see the pictures, new toy I guess, I can’t say I am too happy, slightly wary, I will have to find a new bag if he chomps anything else.

Some Syd Senegal Parrot Photos

Some cute pictures here and above of dear Syddie, he has another new thing at dinner, he announces “Sleeping”, if you make a bit of noise with a plate, he says “sleeping” again. If you leave the door open and there is a bit of a draft he also complains, moaning away. I guess we all getting little quirks and a thing as we mature, Syd is 7, and he turned 7 in January I did slightly forget. The lady in the pet shop did not order his favorite parrot toy with the wooden banana, peach and another fruit object that tastes like the fruits. I guess it is imported to South Africa and the reps don’t always deliver.

Syd my beloved Senegal Parrot and sleeping

Another new things is I must go lie down on the bed next to him when he goes to sleep, I did it the one time when he was a bit dehydrated now the expects it all the time. A real little monkey he is, he understands everything you say really. I told him the other day something was at his one foot, he was looking for it, straight away I told him he reached exactly where I said. Amazing. I play Whitney Houston music to Syddie, so when he heard them playing it on the TV as they said Whitney Houston dead, he was all ears. He loves the music from the Bodyguard from Whitney, what a happening Whitney Houston 2012. I am so thankful for this little Senegal Parrot who has changed my life, taught me to love again, that things are impermanent, to live in the moment. Parrots or birds are amazing to watch really, we could learn a thing or two from them, enjoying eating his guava completely engrossed or when he drinks his berry and guava fruit juice, he closes his eyes like his savoring the moment.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Syd - Senegal Parrot 2012

Syd my Senegal Parrot over Xmas

Syddie really enjoyed going over the mountain (Ou Kaapse Weg) and coming back on Xmas Day to spend with the rest of the family. He was looking curiously at all the greenery, mountain, on the way back he could not stop whistling and talking away non stop. One little happy Senegal Parrot I must say, so grateful we took him with.

Syd the precious Senegal Parrot

Syddie loves listening to the Whispers of Happiness words by don Miguel Ruiz, there is a passage where one of the affirmations are children love to change there minds, you can change your mind you are a child, you are allowed to. I am not so sure these affirmations are good for my precious Senegal Parrot as he is starting to develop his own mind know. He wants to do things his way, he announces at dinner, sleeping, he says it several times now. Such a clever boy my Senegal Parrot Syd.