Thursday, September 15, 2011

Syd, Senegal Parrot, exploring

Syd, My Senegal Parrot, clambering on my books

Syd my Senegal Parrot, used to love sitting on the chair, quite peacefully watching me working on the laptop but now he has days that this is not in his little mind. At this moment he is sitting on his basket one foot up watching me, possibly a little sleepy. This was not the case a few moment ago, he clambered up on to some of my coffee table style books started chewing my 501 Must-Visit Islands, is this a sign, lately whenever he chews a book, it is normally a book I need to look at. Now he wants to say something, trying to talk, must be the music playing in the background, it’s a female voice. He loves the mirror nowadays, in the old days I got my ear chomped when he saw the mirror. I made this little mosaic mirror, with little pyramid designs and squares, like the sacred geometry symbols, it stands on my desk, he loves to sit in front of it, talks and knocks away. It has all opalescent tiles on that are now glinting in the sun with the dark golden pyramids pieces.

Senegal Parrot, can be very wise

My Senegal Parrot is so clever, amazing how he knows when someone is coming to the house, he screams, when I come home that excited noise, then he wants to give me kisses, the one where he kisses in the air to the left to the right of my cheek.

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