Sunday, October 17, 2010

Syd the Senegal Parrot and his visit to his Doctor

Syd, my Senegal Parrot and his favorite person his Dr, Dr

Syd, my Senegal Parrot just loves going to the Doctor, of course I mean his beloved vet. Well what can I say, when he first met her she was okay, until she cut his beak and cut his toenails. After that she was his worst enemy. So now I try and file his nails myself, not an easy task in itself. I have to make a game of it, he likes my Maybe-line mascara container which is pink and lime green. He plays with that for awhile as I try and file his nails.

Back to my Senegal Parrot Syd's visit to his Dr,Dr

Yes, well it is pretty stressful for me as well to get him in his travel box to take him, I have to throw a sarong over him to get him in. Then he goes to see her, he normally likes the assistant. Then of course he get weighed I think he is a little more that the book below recommends, but he looks pretty healthy. He had put on 3grams from the previous visit, I have got the visits down to every six months, before it was every 3 months. He is going to be six years old in January. She put him in a plastic container, minus the weight of the container of course. Then on to clipping his wings, then deworming goodies and of course his vitamin injection.

Well then its home and freedom for Syd my Senegal Parrot

He does tend to sulk at first, but gets over it quicker nowadays, he is getting naughtier as well as he get older. It must be a trait of the Senegal Parrot, chewing my belts on my jeans from behind.