Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Syd - Senegal Parrot 2012

Syd my Senegal Parrot over Xmas

Syddie really enjoyed going over the mountain (Ou Kaapse Weg) and coming back on Xmas Day to spend with the rest of the family. He was looking curiously at all the greenery, mountain, on the way back he could not stop whistling and talking away non stop. One little happy Senegal Parrot I must say, so grateful we took him with.

Syd the precious Senegal Parrot

Syddie loves listening to the Whispers of Happiness words by don Miguel Ruiz, there is a passage where one of the affirmations are children love to change there minds, you can change your mind you are a child, you are allowed to. I am not so sure these affirmations are good for my precious Senegal Parrot as he is starting to develop his own mind know. He wants to do things his way, he announces at dinner, sleeping, he says it several times now. Such a clever boy my Senegal Parrot Syd.