Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Syd and his parrot cage

Syd and his parrot cage or house

My Senegal Parrot house or parrot cage is his territory, he has a smaller cage as the big one will be too intimidating for him. Syd is scared or frightened at first of anything that is big, even when I buy him toys he needs to get used to them. He has a parrot travel carrier that is a normal size but he is not that keen on it.

The size of your parrot cage

Smaller cages are cheaper, it rather depends on the size of your parrot, larger parrots need a bigger cage. Most cages are made of wrought iron and painted with non-toxic paint, I know Syd will gnaw at the cage. Syd is on his second parrot cage in 5 years, this one he seems to gnaw or chew on more than the previous one, not sure why.

Cages should have the right perches, Syd has mulberry tree perches, that he can chew as well, his swing is also from the mulberry tree the perch bit.

Parrot Cage get the right one

So you really need to get the right size for your beloved parrot, I will eventually get Syd into one of these bigger ones it will just take some time for him to get use to a big parrot cage.