Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Senegal Parrot-Syd, visit to the Vet

Senegal Parrot Syd and his Dr Gina

Yes it was Syd’s dreaded visit to his lovely dr dr, she is actually a lovely person called Dr Gina who specializes in birds or parrots. Syd gets to go every 6 months for his regular check up. Poor Syddie was in such a good mood prior to his visit, whistling on the way to the Reddam Circle to the vet. Once we got there he was not so happy with all the big dogs and cats in baskets, and the vet was running late. Eventually I took him outside where he calmed down a bit.

Syd-Senegal Parrot getting his vitamin shots

Then he went in with her and her assistant Tembi, I sat in the corner being quiet supposedly. First he got weighed, a healthy 202 grams, last visit was 180 grams, so after the winter he has is always healthier. Dr Gina puts Syd in a plastic container with air vents; he looks a bit panicky at me. Then he got his wings done quick, then the toenails and beak gets grinded with a small grinder. Afterwards he got his vitamin shots and de-worming drops. Of course he screamed non-stop like a big macaw would. I think he was deafening Dr Gina, suddenly his travel box was such a safe and secure place he shot in there, like this is home for know. Outside a girl was standing with her 1 year old African Grey on her shoulder; poor parrot probably heard poor Syddie screaming.

Syd-Senegal Parrot

My Senegal Parrot, home at last

Once home he at first did not want to come out of the secure travel box, I coaxed him out. I am very thankful this is only a 6 monthly episode. Before I used to take him every 3 months but the last couple of years I have it down to March and September.

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