Thursday, April 12, 2012

Syddie My Senegal Parrot Classical Music

Syddie Classical Music

Syddie is supposedly snoozing in front of his beloved mirror while I work on the computer. I am playing classical music, Beethoven Piano Concerto No 5; one of his eyes opens as the crescendo raises, then stillness, and piano playing away. Amazingly one eye is closed while the other is open. He likes Mozart as well, just as the music rises so he comes back to consciousness.

Syddie and other types of Classical Music

Today we are listening to Echoes of Nature the Rainforest, Syddie was going to sleep but the minute the music starts he is awareness itself. He is really intrigued with all the birdie sounds of nature, not so much the water sounds more all the birdie noises and insects. He actually comes to the end of the desk trying to listen more intently so I turned it up more.

See Syddie on his basket listening to music

He loves this basket of his, chomping on his monkey nut with more classical music on.

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