Monday, August 15, 2011

Syd, my Senegal Parrot eating guavas

My Senegal Parrot Syd, eating as they do

I caught Syd in the act of standing on the plate, he has started taking a liking to eating off an actual plate. He probably sees us doing that, so he wants to as well, simply climbing on it to make life a bit easier I guess.

He was pretty into eating his guava, he absolutely has a craving for guavas, you can hear him crunching on the pips. I will have to buy the tinned variety at the end of the season. I already have to get him black grapes that are imported from Eqypt as it is not grape season here.

Syd, Senegal Parrot, day life

Syd was having a bad day to today, I think he got a bit dehydrated, it was a warm day. I gave him some fruit and even sprayed his beak with some water, some went in his mouth. After that he was fine I took him for a drive in the car to the nearby park to get him out for a change of scenery. He was in a great mood afterwards, whistling and all, I guess parrots are like us sometimes we just need a change of scenery.

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