Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Syd-Senegal Parrot festive plans

Syd-Senegal Parrot plans for the festive season

I have to go in the car on Xmas day over the mountain, Ou Kaapse Weg, oh dear I have not driven over the mountain yet; I am a bit weary about this. I like going in the car now, getting quite used to it, my mom took me to the gas station the other day and to the shops, she just nipped in quickly.

More on the family over the Festive and me Syd-Senegal Parrot

I am going to my Uncle Michael and Aunty Jenny’s house; the whole family is going to be there. I am a bit worried about the 2 cats my Aunty Jenny has, she also has a couple a big dogs, my mom Rose will look after me. The last time they went out they left me here the whole day on my own with the music going, filled my house with food, veggies and water. I even had lots of my favorite grapes, I never touched anything the whole day, and I was teaching them a lesson. Happy Holidays!

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