Sunday, July 3, 2011

Syd in his vintage basket - Magnificent Senegal Parrot

My Senegal Parrot in his new basket

Syddie has chewed the first basket to bits, he can barely sit on the sides, I tried to get him a more modern version. But alas he was not having any of that, so I had to go hunting for this vintage style one. He only had it for a day and guess what he has chomped on it already, so he has to keep the old one for chewing.

Why I use a basket for my Senegal Parrot

Syd started chomping my ear and fingers when he turned three, so I don't allow on my shoulder or on my fingers. I then noticed he would climb on top of this old basket I had in my room, I then had a brilliant idea to carry him around in it and realized he loved sitting on top or just playing in it and of course chewing it. It originally belonged to my late granny, so it was quite a special one. What can I say he is a Senegal Parrot, you have to own one to know.

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